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Minyan guidelines

Please review the rules below for participation in indoor Beth Zion Congregation minyanim. These rules will be strictly enforced.

  • No children under 12 years of age may attend. Children who attend must be seated with their father or mother and cannot run around.

  • A mask which must be covering your nose and mouth, must be worn at all times.

  • You should not be attending if you or anybody in your household is experiencing or exhibiting any signs of illness, You should not be attending if someone in your household  is immuno - depressed or undergoing serious medical protocol. We reserve the right to ask you to leave as we are concerned for your safety and ours. 

  • Access to the building will be through the upper level main entrance only.

  • You must use Hand Sanitizer provided by the synagogue prior to entering the building.

  • Wipes will be available.

  • You are not in isolation or quarantine due to any pandemic related reasons, nor is anyone else in your household.
    You have not traveled outside of Canada in the past 14 days.

  • In the Sanctuary, you must use the designated seats. You cannot stand in the back behind the last row. That area is for people to pass.

  • We respectfully ask that you not hand out candies or any other materials.

  • Social distancing of 2 meters must be maintained before, during, and after services. Socializing will not be permitted. Please do not congregate in the hallways.

  • You must bring your own talit.

  • Mezuzot on the doorways should not be touched or kissed.

  • Participants will not be allowed to kiss the sefer torah when it is being taken out or put away.

  • During kriat ha’Torah, the baal koreh will be one side of a plexiglass with the person who has received an aliyah on the other side. One cannot kiss the torah. One must ascend and descend from the back of the bima, not from the front. Hagbah/gelila will be done by the baal koreh.

  • Food may not be brought but bottled water is allowed. If you use kleenex or a napkin, please take it with you when you exit the building.

  • Bathroom Accesibility will be limited to one person at a time. Please respect the bathroom monitor.

  • There are many people who still do not feel safe and are not yet ready to be among larger groups of people, even at a distance. Anyone who deems it not safe or responsible for them to daven with a minyan should continue to daven at home.

We wish everyone a safe and meaningful experience.

Sun, April 14 2024 6 Nisan 5784